At least for now, this blog contains stories on our around the world trip that started at February 27th and is due to last for a full year. We must warn you that at the moment this site has a severe lack of content. We’ll add sections probably at least on planning, budget, route amd gear when we encounter more rainy days in places with nothing to do. Besides bragging, the purpose of our writings is to help other travellers in their trip planning, as we well know how much help and invaluable tips travel blogs can offer. For reading what we’ve been up to lately, go to the ‘On The Road’ page and read our latest posts!

Juska & Sari

    About Sari

I’m a 26 years old girl from Finland who recently finished her master’s degree in chemical engineering and had already time to work as a project manager a bit more than a year before this trip.

I love travelling; meeting new people, extreme sports, endless summers and snowy mountains as well as challenges of foreign cultures and the feeling of freedom. Last years I’ve used pretty much every extra penny and all of my holidays for travelling. Despite of holiday trips, I’ve spent a few longer periods abroad. I’ve done a season as a ski bum in St. Anton in Austria, spent a summer working in Germany and have been an exchange student in Australia and Sweden. Now it was a time for a less restricted around-the-world trip.

I’m not really a person who’d enjoy staying at home. My free time goes mostly for different kind of sports and other activities. Especially climbing, snowboarding and surfing are close to my heart. Hence, my travel destinations have mostly focused on places with mountains or waves 🙂 Somehow I also always find myself organizing activities for others as well e.g. leading company’s climbing club 😉

Please feel free to contact me or both of us. You can do so by writing an email either directly to me (sari.susanna.pakkanen (that_symbol) gmail.com) or to both of us (circumexploration (that_symbol) gmail.com).

    About Juska

Camping in Ericeira

Hi there!

I am a 26-year-old (as of 2013) fellow from Helsinki, Finland. I study / work in the field of experimental particle physics (CERN), did my Master’s Thesis on the subject and most probably will do another thesis after my year off. For those (few) interested, my focus is on jets.

Besides teasing Mother Nature, I like to spend a lot of time doing various kinds of sports, such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, gym, floorball, badminton, ice hockey, football etc. Whenever I have the time and money, I go traveling. I tend to go to places where surfing on waves or powder snow is possible.

I grew up in a family of five in the suburban area of Helsinki and since being nineteen I’ve lived in central Helsinki. With the exception of the year 2011 when I lived in Geneva, Switzerland (summer internship) and in Grenoble, France (exchange studies).

Should you wish to contact me for whatever reason, you can do so by writing an email either directly to me (firstname@cern.ch) to me and Sari (circumexploration (that_symbol) gmail.com).

Ps. for staying up to speed with our journey, you can also follow my tweets: @trackingjuska !